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Desiree Tunnell

tunneldn [AT] dukes [DOT] jmu [DOT] edu


James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Majors: Media Arts and Design, Concentration: Corporate Communication; Spanish


Desiree Tunnell is a May 2012 graduate of James Madison University with a B.A. in Spanish and Media Arts & Design with a Corporate Communication Concentration.

Desiree is proficient in Spanish and studied abroad in Tarragona, Spain during May and June 2011. During her time overseas she gained valuable insights into Spanish culture and customs. Her specific program had a Spanish culture and medicine program focus, and outlined the differences in health care systems in Spain and the US.

She is interested in advertising and PR and hopes to find a job in either industry.

Relevant Experience:

During her senior year at JMU, Desiree worked as a Marketing Assistant for University Recreation on campus. Through this position she sharpened her Illustrator and InDesign skills as much of the work for the position was creating advertisements for ongoing programs and special promotions. Some of this work can be seen further below. Her responsibilities also involved communication with the different departments regarding program promotions and representation of University Recreation at informational fairs. She was also involved in the hiring process of new Marketing Assistants for the coming fall semester.

As the Vice President and founding member of JMU’s American Advertising Federation chapter, Madison AAF, Desiree has gained valuable leadership experience. She has learned organizational and time management skills through planning club meetings and creating club activities. From this position she has also become a confident public speaker as she lead club meetings on a regular basis.

Through competing in the National Student Advertising Competition, Desiree has learned all of the steps in creating a national advertising campaign. The challenge of this competition in 2011 was to create a new campaign specifically targeting women ages 25-34 for department store JCPenney. Through traditional and non-traditional mediums her group created a comprehensive marketing strategy entitled “Everyday Runaway.” She presented this campaign along with her group members at regionals in April 2011.

Other Work Experience:

Since May 2009, Desiree has worked as a summer preschool teacher for Redeemer Lutheran Preschool and Childcare in Richmond, Virginia. She has worked with the 2 year-old class, the 3-year-old class, and the 4 year-old class. During JMU breaks throughout the school year she works with the childcare in the afternoons. The most important quality she has learned through this experience is patience!

Throughout her senior year of high school Desiree worked as an office assistant at Balzer and Associates Inc., an engineering and architectural firm in Midlothian, Virginia. Her daily tasks included filing papers, making copies, printing plans, data entry, running errands, and answering phones.

Relevant Coursework:

  • SMAD 201/202 – Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design. Through this class Desiree was taught to effectively use Adobe CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver) and iMovie.
  • SMAD 241 – Introduction to Corporate Communication. The class gave an overview of the field of corporate communication. The creation of communication plans were discussed and the final exam focused on crisis communication.
  • SMAD 256 – Principles of Advertising. All of the fundamental steps in creating an advertising campaign were taught in this class. Desiree created a campaign for 5-Hour Energy in a group as part of a semester long project.
  • SMAD 332 – Print Communication Design. With a specific focus on CS5, this class covered working with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign more in depth. Examples of projects are featured below.
  • SMAD 341 – Information and Communication Technologies. Focusing on the corporate use of social media and web 2.0, this class is responsible for this blog and the website. Both were projects during the semester.
  • SMAD 370 – Mass Communication Law. An overview of many of the legal issues involved in mass communications with a more in depth review of copyright law.
  • SMAD 398 – Information 3.0. After covering many issues facing a constantly connected world, a group project was assigned to interpret and give their reaction to Hamlet’s Blackberry by William Powers. The resulting blog can be found here.
  • SMAD 441 – Corporate Communication Management. A much more in depth class on the field of corporate communication. Many case studies were covered involving crisis communication, financial communication, and constituent communication. This powerpoint on the Pepsi WeInspire campaign was part of a project for the class.

Attributable Quotes:

Desiree is a very dependable, hard working employee. She is professional and works cooperatively with her coworkers. She is an asset to our organization.
– Kathleen A. Bakken, Director, Redeemer Lutheran Preschool

Writing Samples:

El gallo en ‘El coronel no tiene quien le escriba’: Un símbolo de significado diferente para cada personaje. A paper written for SPAN 415, the Latin American Novel, outlines the different perceptions of the rooster symbol in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Novel “No One Writes to the Colonel.”

La Camisa de Margarita: Un Ejemplo de Costumbres Matrimoniales, a paper written for SPAN 335, Introduction to Spanish Literature, analyzing the traditional Spanish matrimonial customs as presented through Ricardo Palma’s “La Camisa de Margarita.”

GWRIT 103 Blog, a blog created for GRWIT 103, a freshman writing class. This blog is a series of responses to various short in-class readings.

Multimedia Work:

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